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that me and my husband get spoiled rotten!  Seriously.   My Mom is crazy about Christmas and loves, loves, loves buying Christmas gifts.  I am assuming this is why gifts is my top love language.  Anyways, we have to come up with a bunch of stuff that we want and I have been saving links and images.  I just thought I would throw the images together really fast for a visual.

Here’s my Christmas Wish List.  I really would be happy with just one of these, but because my parents, Ben’s parents, and our friends (whom we treat like a family) all buy for us we have to give quite a few ideas.  As I said, spoiled… rotten!

(I would love to show some gifts that I have made and bought, but that would umm… totally give away the surprise aspect.) Maybe after Christmas.  I just love buying and making gifts!  Not because I am materialistic, but because I love thinking of ideas for people and giving them something they had just mentioned in passing back in June.  I think I might be more excited about people opening what we bought them than opening our gifts.  I LOVE Christmas… and Jesus. And Jesus being born.  It really is an amazing time of the year.

Plus, you have Christmas cookies, tree decorating, lights, seeing loved ones, Christmas music, cards, grilling steak outside on the grill with friends, Holiday movies, pancakes on Christmas morning, and so on.

Oh yah, here’s the photo. 🙂

I just listened to Christmas music for the first time last night! It just makes me instantly happy. What a wonderful time of year! And that is saying a lot coming from someone who absolutely hates cold weather.  I am always running across neat things and thought I would share in hopes of giving somebody a gift idea.  I will post more as I find them.


Enough said.
So you can make a grilled cheese or heat up cold pizza in your Toaster! You can reuse each bag up to 50 times. Sounds neat to me!
Food Face Plate. If you loved your kids you would get them this.
Wonder Woman Apron.  This one made me laugh.
I have posted this before, but I really love the concept of it.
Because it is awesome.

How fun! I once saw a pair of rain boots that look pretty similar to this. They are both fun!
Oh found them!

"Roid Week" Sunroid

[photo by Kacey Moran]